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Summer CSA
Subscribe to a full season of fresh vegetables
20 weekly pickups
Mid June through the end of October.

Two Share sizes:
Standard: basic price $510

(Cash or Check before 4/1/24)
Small: basic price $290
(Cash or Check before 4/1/24)
See price list for prices after 4/1/24

3 Pickup/Delivery Options
Pickup (included in basic price)
  • 1) At Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro or
  • 2) At the Burlington Farmers Market
  • 3) Home Delivery: (additional Home Delivery charge)
    • Ferrisburg
    • Charlotte
    • Hinesburg
    • Williston
    • South Burlington
    • Shelburne
    • Burlington

      Signup Early...it's cheaper!

      Pay or Cash or Check...it's even cheaper!

      Pay Online by credit card...it's very convenient.

      Our standard share is only $510 picked up at the farm, and we have a small share for only $290 That's one of the best CSA values around. It amounts to a 10-20% discount over retail prices.
      Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is key to good health. Most CSA members find they eat more vegetables because they have a CSA.
      Our Home Delivery option makes having a CSA so easy.
      20 Weeks of Home Delivery adds $160.
      We grow over 50 different vegetables, and you'll enjoy most of them in your CSA. Among the favorites: Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Strawberries and Watermelon.
      Buying locally helps keep farmland open, and is an integral part of Vermont's resilient economy.
  • How it works:

    Sign up and pay
    In the spring, you sign up and pay for, a full season of fresh vegetables. The sooner you
    sign up, and pay in full, the less it costs. See price list below.

    Weekly vegetable pickup
    Each week, starting in mid June, through the end of October (20 weeks), you get a share of the harvest. We will provide you with a selection from the over 50 varieties of vegetables that we grow, including Strawberries in June and Melons in August. Pickup, and Home Delivery days and times vary by the pickup option.

    Weekly email reminder
    Each week you'll get a email reminder about your CSA with a list of what's going to be in it so you can plan your other shopping accordingly.

    Two Share sizes
    To accommodate different family sizes and eating habits, we offer two share sizes.

    The Standard Share is suitable for a family of four eating a serving of vegetables every night.
    Basic Price picked up at the farm: $510.00*

    The Small Share is suitable for a couple eating a serving of vegetables every night.
    Many people have found that a CSA gives them "Too darn much stuff. I can't eat it all."
    This CSA is a nice selection of in season items, suitable for one or two people.
    Basic Price picked up at the farm: $290.00*

    These are only rough guides. For example: we have plenty of couples who are very happy with the standard share.
    * NOTE:These prices if paid Cash or Check before April 1, 2024


    "It's like having your own Garden...
    just a whole lot easier."

    Squash and Beans CSA Prices
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    Pickup, Drop Off, Home Delivery

    Pickup Sites (included in basic price)
    Lewis Creek Farm, Starksboro -Wednesdays, 3-7PM
    Burlington Farmers' Market- Saturdays 8:30am -2:00pm
    Home Delivery: (additional Home Delivery charge)
    3-6pm ...Tuesdays or Wednesdays

  • Ferrisburg
  • Charlotte
  • Hinesburg
  • Williston
  • South Burlington
  • Shelburne
  • Burlington

  • Scallionsl
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    Home Delivery Charge
    We charge an additional $160 for Home Delivery, to cover our cost of delivering the shares. However, this is less than it would cost you to drive to the farm. Even with this added cost, you'll find it is still one of the best CSA values around.

    Home Delivery Details:
    You need a spot, ideally sheltered from direct rain, shaded in the afternoon, and visible from the street where your CSA bag can be placed. For example, a corner of the porch or under the garage roof overhang.
    We'll leave your CSA bag in that spot on either Tuesday or Wednesday between 3pm and 6pm. Once we get all the signups we'll figure out which day you are and it will stay that day for the whole season.

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    Is this CSA right for me?

    The Lewis Creek Farm CSA is designed to be a comfortable quantity of fresh produce every week. A quantity that you can reasonably get through in 1 week's time.

    Each week you'll get what is in season.  We try to give 5 or 6 different vegetables, a nice mix: some salad vegetables, some vegetables for cooking, some leafy vegetables, some herbs, some vegetable fruits(e.g. Tomatoes and Squashes) and in season, Strawberries (June) and Watermelon (Late August.)

     Some CSAs give you large quantities of any vegetable that is at peak. So much that you really ought to can or freeze it. This is a feature that we are expressly trying to avoid. You will get Sweet Corn and Tomatoes many weeks in a row, but never a single massive load of either.

    If however, you would like to can or freeze something, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Basil for Pesto, etc.  we can add on a bushel or a peck at wholesale prices, and you can pick it up with your CSA.
    Broccoli and Cauliflower
    Sample Shares

    Sample Standard Share, early summer:
    1 Qt. strawberries , 1 hd Green Leaf Lettuce
    I lb Sugarsnap Peas, 1 Lb Spinach,
    1 hd Red Leaf Lettuce

    Sample Standard Share, late summer: 
    1 lb tomatoes, 6 ears sweet corn 
    3 cucumbers, 2 Green Peppers
    1 lb Green Beans, 1 bch,. Basil

    Sample Standard Share, fall:
    1 hd broccoli, 1 bch Swiss Chard
    3 lbs winter squash,  2 lbs carrots
    2 lbs potatoes, 1 lb spinach

    Plus pick-your-own and canning specials
    Cherry Tomatoes

    Many people find that a CSA gives them "Too darn much stuff. I can't eat it all." Our Small Share is an attempt to address this problem. It's a nice selection of in season items suitable for one or two people.

    Here are some samples of Small Shares

    Sample Early Summer Small Share
    1 pint Strawberries
    1 hd Green Leaf Lettuce
    1/2 lb of Spinach
    1/2 lb Sugar Snap Peas
    Sample Late Summer Small Share
    1pt CherryTomatoes
    1/2 lb Green Beans
    3 ears Sweet Corn
    1 bunch of Basil
    1 Green Pepper
    1 Cucumber

    Sample Mid October Small Share
    1 small bunch Broccoli
    1 lb of Carrots
    2 lbs Winter Squash
    1 bch Swiss Chard
    1 lb Potatoes
    1 Lb Beets
    "This one is just right"

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    Farm Share Agreement
    I understand that I am buying a share of the harvest at Lewis Creek Farm for the 2024 growing season, subject to availability and weather conditions. I understand that I am sharing the risks inherent to agriculture which include but are not limited to drought, flooding, hail and frost. In a normal year participants in the program will receive 20 weekly installments of vegetables. The vegetables available will be chosen by Lewis Creek Farm and not all vegetables listed or grown on the farm will necessarily be available through this program. I understand that each weeks share is seasonal and perishable and that it has no value that can be credited towards a future date should I miss a week for any reason.
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    Yukon Gold Potatoest
    What is a CSA?
    CSA stands for Community Suppported Agriculture, and it is an arrangement whereby consumers become a member of a farm for one season. The consumer becomes a member of the farm by paying the farm up front for a whole season's worth of vegetables (or other farm products). Then as the season progresses, that member gets part of the harvest in the form of a weekly share pickup. It's a great way to get in touch with seasonal eating and form a bond with a particular farm. Most CSA members find they eat more vegetables as a result of having a CSA share.
    Strawberries Contact Information

    Telephone: (802) 453-4591
    Email: LewisCreekFarm@gmavt.net

    Postal Address:
    Lewis Creek Farm
    PO Box 123
    Starksboro VT 05487
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