I forgot to pick up my share

It seems every week a few people forget to pick up their CSA shares. Life is busy, Weather is hot. Vacations happen. We have a fairly convenient policy for forgotten CSA shares.

People with pickup at Lewis Creek Farm

After the pickup on Wednesday, we will move the CSA Pickup Display into the Walk-in Cooler. The signs, the produce, everything will be on the shelves to the left in the Walk-in Cooler. You can fill you CSA from there.


People with pickup in Middlebury or Colchester

Your CSA will still be there waiting for you. Though this is not a refrigerated environment, most of the items will keep for a day or two wothot much wilting or deterioration. However any loss is your responsability. 

People with pickup at the Burlington Farmers' Market.

If you forget to come to the Market on Saturday, you can still come out to Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro to pick up your CSA. See the instructions for getting to the farm (below) and the instructions for late pick ups at Lewis Creek Farm (above).



How to get to Lewis Creek Farm

If you don't know how to get to the farm, it's very simple: We're in the village of Starksboro on Rte 116. We are across the street from the Post Office. We have a sign out front. Here is a link to our website with driving directions: Click here.



















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