September starts off as unquestionably summer and ends as definitely fall. Once Labor Day passes and the kids go back to school, everything changes. All of the college students who have supplied us with a comfortable cushion of labor have gone back to school. With a smaller crew we focus almost exclusively on harvesting. It will take the next two and a half months to get everything harvested before things freeze up for the winter. Now that the weather is cooling off, crops that didnít do well in the heat of summer, come into their own. Broccoli and cauliflower are fantastic in September. We specialize in cauliflower. We grow it large and pearly white. Thereís something magical about the blinding
Picking Broccoli
whiteness of a perfect head of cauliflower that has captured my imagination and drives me to grow these magnificent vegetables. I can wax poetic about cauliflower at great length. But Iíll spare you.

Itís in September that we start to live in our rain pants. The cool nights drop a heavy dew which, even on a sunny day, lingers on the plants until 2:00 in the afternoon. If you walk through field of broccoli, their blue green leaves waist high, in no time at all, maybe 30 yards youíll be soaked to the skin. Even on a sunny day rain gear is so much a part of our daily routine that upon occasion employees have been sighted on the streets of Burlington or Bristol in their bright yellow Lewis Creek Farm rain pants.

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