It is common to have a spell of surprisingly warm weather in December and really itís about as common as not to have bare ground for Christmas. One year we got a sudden hard freeze in mid November(this was before we lived by the 10th of November Rule) and there were half a dozen rows of carrots still in the ground. After Thanksgiving it warmed up a lot for two weeks and the ground thawed and dried out enough to get the rest of the carrots dug. Those carrots were the most incredibly sweet carrots we have ever had. They had been frozen just enough to get really sweet, but not enough to go bad. Iíve tried letting Carrots stay in the ground all winter, hoping to harvest them in the spring like parsnips. It doesnít work they freeze too hard and turn to mush.
We have a much smaller crew in December, often as little as 1 or 2 people. They work on the last of washing carrots and keeping up with deliveries. That warm weather in early December lends itself well to some of the maintenance projects we've been putting off for months By mid December we're down to just Hank and 1other person part time and with the first official days of winter, we too have finally settled into our winter schedule which involves a lot of office work and packing carrots and potatoes from storage for deliveries, which last through February..
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