The hottest weekend of the year has already past now. That traditionally is the last weekend in July. There is plenty of summer left, but we have the first hints of fall. A chilly night here and there, and the first hurricanes giving us a passing blow of rain are all characteristic of August. August is Sweet Corn month here in Vermont. Weíve been growing sweet corn for years and we now grow only the best tasting varieties. We have chosen varieties that weíve found over the years to be sweet, flavorful (there is a different between sweetness in corn and the corn flavor) and have tender kernels. We donít grow Supersweet varieties, but we donít need to because we pick it fresh
By staking all of our tomato plants we greatly reduce our need for spraying.
daily. Supersweet corns are good for shipping, because they start off sweeter, and hold their sugar longer. So if you buy corn in the winter thatís shipped from Florida, supersweet corn tastes OK even though it may be as much as a week old.

Of course Tomatoes are in their prime in August as well. Vine ripened and juicy. Need I say more? As we get into late August, we start having tomatoes in quantity for canning. We sell 25 lb. boxes of tomatoes that are great for cooking but with a few cosmetic defects at a price thatís less than wholesale. If you like to can tomatoes, the peak of tomato season is usually August 15 to September 15.

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