April is a marginal month whether-wise. It freezes frequently at night and it is still quite wet often due to a significant snowfall around mid month.
The greenhouses are filling upfast at this point, and by the end of the month they will all be full to bursting. We rarely do any field work in the first part of April, but in the later part of the month we can usually get out and plow some of the earlier fields. By the last week
There's not much green in the fields yet,
but the plants are off to a good start in our greenhouses.
in April we usually manage to get the potatoes planted and the first planting of peas, spinach and beets seeded in the field.
The sheep are out now eagerly rounding up any grass they can find, and it’s still quite a walk between mouth fulls, but they’re thrilled at the prospect of new grass and are only eating hay as a last resort.
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